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Marin Alano Club
1360 Lincoln Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone:   415-456-8479
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 Permit parking is at the Lincoln Hill Community Church one block north on Lincoln Ave from 6:30am to 7:30pm Weekdays ONLY. Please do not park at the Church on weekends or outside of these weekday hours.
Permits available upon request from the snackbar.
Parking is also available along Lincoln Avenue. Please do not park in any private parking lots, side streets, or driveways, as doing so jeopardizes our use permit.

Mission Statement

The specific and primary purposes for which the Marin Alano Club is formed are: To carry on, as a non-profit organization, activities auxiliary to and supplemental to the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous and to stimulate and further such movement by aiding and assisting persons to recover from their alcohol problem; and as part of such activities to furnish, provide and maintain physical facilities for social and recreational uses.



Help Support the Marin Alano Club
The Marin Alano Club was founded in 1965 and moved to its present location, 1360 Lincoln Avenue, in 1974. The Alano Club, a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, provides meeting space for Alcoholic Anonymous and other 12 step support group meetings. There are over 50 AA and other 12 step meetings a week at the Marin Alano Club attended by 1300 people seeking 12 step recovery and support. The Alano Club receives revenue from the meetings, member dues and its snack bar. The facility has always financed repairs and refurbishments through volunteer work, fund-raising events, private gifts and regular income streams; however, it has some fairly major and much-needed infrastructure repairs. These include a new foundation to replace the substandard brick foundation, new double insulated windows, extensive drainage work on the north side to repair years of consistent flooding to the basement, new siding on the south side, new tar and gravel roof on the rear deck, a new patio that will be able to better accommodate fund raising events, BBQs, painting of the entire building, replacing rear deck stairs and landing. This upgrading and repairs will also include some interior and exterior ADA Accessibility requirements.

The Marin Alano Club has only once received an outside grant - a small grant from County Supervisor Susan Adams - to repair the front porch and stairs. The Club brings in just enough revenue to manage the facility with several part-time employees. Members and the Board of Directors provide much of the other help and support to maintain the Club’s facilities, including groundskeeping, minor repairs, events and management expertise. These types of donated services allow the Marin Alano Club to provide meeting space at a reasonable cost to the community.

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall appoint one of its Members as the Director of the Membership Committee. This director shall appoint a committee chairman, and report to the Board, regarding membership goals, procedures and progress.


(a) Any person, who is a member in good standing of Alcoholics Anonymous, is a relative of a member of the Club, or a person specifically interested in furthering the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous, may present to the Membership Committee of the Club his application for membership in the Club, accompanied by a payment of one (1) months dues. Said application shall be considered by the Membership Committee and if the Committee determines that the applicant has maintained continuous sobriety for the thirty (30) days period immediately preceding the presentation of the application and at all times thereafter, such application shall be accepted and the applicant shall be advised thereof. ONLY MEMBERS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS SHALL BE CONSIDERED FOR REGULAR MEMBERSHIP IN THIS CLUB.

(1) Categories of Membership

A. REGULAR MEMBERSHIP. Individual who use membership in the Club to further and maintain his or her sobriety, a member in good standing of Alcoholics Anonymous, and is entitled to hold office and to vote at the general membership meetings.
B. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. A special category of membership. Individual must be proposed by a regular member and may have all the privileges of the Club but with no rights hold office nor to vote at the general membership meetings. Dues to be that of regular membership.

Section 3. DUES.

(a) The membership dues shall be established by the Board of Directors at the first regular meeting of the Board each year. Dues shall be payable in advance on or before the first (1st) day of each month. No life membership in the Club, whether or not contingent upon payment of dues, shall be given or awarded to any person, except pursuant to a resolution adopted at a regular business meeting of
the membership of the Club by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present. (b) A member shall be considered as delinquent in the payment of dues if not paid within thirty (30) days after the (1st) first of the month and shall be notified of the delinquency by mail sent to the last known address. If the delinquent dues are not paid within (15) fifteen days after the mailing of the notice, the delinquent member shall automatically lose all membership rights and privileges.

Section 4. WAIVERS.
The Membership Committee of the Club shall have the sole power to waive, reduce, or accept service in lieu of the payment of dues for any Club member, and for such reason as: a serious financial condition or illness, and all information shall remain confidential as far as possible.

Section 5

(a) Any member of this Club, of any category, who enters or is within or adjacent to the Club premises while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or barbiturates, or who practices panhandling within or adjacent to the Club premises, or who shall be guilty of conduct unbecoming a member, or shall violate any Club rule or these by-laws shall be subject to suspension from membership in this Club and upon such suspension such members shall have all privileges of membership withdrawn. (b) The extensive or extended use of drugs, narcotics or sedatives shall be construed as a violation of sobriety and shall be considered synonymous with the use of alcohol in all the by-laws and rules of the Club.


(a) Any member suspended under the by-laws and general rules of the Club may apply to the Membership Committee for reinstatement.
(b) The requirements of Article V, Sections 2 and 5 must be met by any suspended member of the Club. Reinstatement is hereby left to the sole discretion of the Membership Committee. Section 7. Guests Guest privileges are hereby left to the sole discretion of the
Membership Committee.

                                                                           Non-profit organization
The specific and primary purposes for which this club was formed are: To carry on, as a non-profit organization, activities auxiliary to and supplemental to the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous and to stimulate and further such movement by aiding and assisting persons to recover from their alcoholic problems; and as a part of such activities to furnish, provide, and maintain physical facilities for social and recreational uses.(Marin Alano Club, Inc. ; bylaw's, Article 2, Section 1.)
The Marin Alano Club is self-supporting and receives no outside funding from any source. The Club is incorporated as a non-profit organization and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 1974. The Club has a Board of Directors of seven or nine members which is responsible and responsive to the members and a small staff responsible to the Board.


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